Hike in the Bay (at 30 min.) Posted August 23, 2015


The Bay of Somme is the largest estuary in northern France with around 7200 ha. From north to south, it offers with the tides and seasons, a range of colors, lights and varied landscapes.
It is also a land with many facets that combines natural, seaside architecture, traditional activities …


It is possible to cross the Bay of Somme from Saint Valery to Le Crotoy (and vice-versa) at certain hours of the day. But you must be accompanied by a guide. Tours can be booked with Rando-Nature (click here for more information).


It is strictly forbidden to hike in the bay by yourself. The nature, especially close to the sea, can be pretty unpredictable. The guide will give you a certain number of survival tip about quicksands.


Enjoy this 3h journey. Rubber boots may be a good option ;-). A tip : choose the highest one 😉


You better be not afraid by some mud 😉