Gite Conditions

Booking for a cottage implies the following general conditions.

Article 1, Seasonal nature of the contract

The present contract is granted to the hirer for the purposes of tourism and is of a seasonal nature.

Article 2, Duration of stay

The hirer signs the present contract for a fixed period and shall in no circumstances be entitled to remain in the premises after the end of that period.

Article 3, Conclusion of contract

The booking takes effect when the owner receives from the hirer a deposit equal to 25% of the total price of the hire together with a copy of the contract signed before the date indicated. A second copy is retained by the hirer. The hiring arrangement between the parties to the contract shall not benefit any third party unless with the specific agreement of the owner. Any breach of this condition may result in cancellation of the contract for default by the hirer and the owner shall be entitled to retain the full price of the hire.

Article 4, Cancellation by the hirer

Cancellation by the hirer shall be notified to the owner by registered letter or e-mail to A cancellation e-mail is considered valid as soon as the Relais du Beffroi acknowledge it answering back.

Cancellation before arrival at the gite

The deposit is retained by the owner, who shall be entitled to demand the balance of the hire price if annulation occurs less than 30 days before the agreed date of arrival. If there is no contact from the hirer within 24 hours following the arrival date specified in the contract, the present contract shall become null and void and the gite shall become available to the owner. The deposit is retained by the owner, who shall be entitled to demand the balance of the hire price.

The stay is cut short

If the stay is cut short, the price of the hire is retained by the owner and no refund or reduction is granted to the hirer.

Article 5, Cancellation by the owner

The owner refunds to the hirer the total amount of the deposit received.

Article 6, Arrival

The hirer should arrive at the date and time specified in the present contract. If arrival is delayed or postponed, the hirer must inform the owner.

Article 7, Payment of balance

The balance of the hire price is paid on entry into the premises.

Article 8, Condition of premises

An inventory is drawn up jointly and signed by the hirer and by the owner or the owner’s agent at the time of arrival and departure. The inventory is the sole point of reference in the event of a dispute concerning the condition of the premises.

The state of cleanliness of the gite at the time of arrival of the hirer must be recorded in the inventory. The hirer is responsible for cleaning the gite during the hire period and at the time of departure.

In the event that an early departure (earlier than the time specified in the descriptive document) prevents the establishment of an inventory on the day of departure, the owner refunds the guarantee deposit within one week, after deducting the cost of rectifying any damage.

Article 9, Guarantee deposit

When arriving at the gite, the hirer will be required to pay to the owner a guarantee deposit of 250 euros. After joint establishment of an inventory at the time of departure, the deposit is refunded subject to deduction of the cost of rectifying any damage.

Article 10, Use of the premises

The hirer is responsible for ensuring that the use of the premises corresponds to that intended and causes no disturbance. It is expressly forbidden to place laundry in the windows, on the balconies or in front of the gites. Fireplaces and stoves must not be used without express permission.

Article 11, Capacity

The present contract is valid for a limited number of persons. The owner is entitled to refuse any persons in excess of the maximum capacity. Any modification or breach of the contract will be considered as default by the hirer.

Article 12, Animals

The present contract stipulates that the hirer must not be accompanied by any animals unless with the prior express agreement of the owner. If the hirer fails to comply with this condition, the owner shall be entitled to refuse the animal(s) concerned.

Article 13, Insurance

The hirer is liable for any damage caused by the hirer and is invited to obtain holiday insurance covering such risks.

Article 14, Payment of charges

At the end of the stay, the hirer will pay to the owner the charges not included in the price of hire.
The amount of the charges is based on the calculation described in the present contract and the description. A receipt is provided by the owner.

Article 15, Disputes

Any complaint relating to the condition of the gite or to its description must be communicated to the owner within 48 hours of arrival in the premises.

Any other complaint concerning a stay must be notified as soon as possible by letter to the owner, who will endeavour to find an amicable solution.